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Imira Entertainment, in its capacity both as a provider of children’s entertainment and a co-producer of animated deals, further strengthens its relationship with TVE through the new global distribution deal. The catalogue Imira takes on includes a range of kids’ entertainment content for audiences aged four through twelve, including The Lunnis, Asha, Club Pizzicato, its spin off series Pizzicato and Leonart.

The Lunnis (104 x 27´) is an original TVE production, with a lovable cast of puppets who focus on educating as well as entertaining young audiences. The show is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, by providing even more fun and dynamic ways of teaching children everything from the alphabet to ethics in upcoming new episodes.

Celebrating global cultural diversity and promoting friendship, tolerance, and positive curiosity, Asha (52 x 13´) and her friends run a pirate TV station and encounter all of the adventures of growing up in an melting pot community.

Classical music is the order of the day at Club Pizzicato (55 x 40´), with the four main characters receiving a series of guests who help young audiences to learn and engage with the genre through play. Aimed at elementary school level, the show invigorates a style of music which most children aren’t exposed to day to day.

Pizzicato (25 x 30´), Ara Malikian (who appeared in Club Pizzicato) and pianist, Puerto González, present this interactive cultural program aimed to popularize classical music and dance for the whole family. They seek to educate and encourage audiences, taking children mastering various instruments or dance styles and making them the stars of the show.

Leonart (104 X 25´) is produced in conjunction with the Supreme Council for Scientific Research, and includes a series of experiments and activities in each episode, centred on a general theme. The presenting team of the show, headed up by Leonart himself, makes science relevant to young viewers, allowing them to see the world around them with a better understanding of all of the elements in it.

Sergi Reitg, CEO of Imira Entertainment says: “TVE has a fantastic library of shows which Imira Entertainment is proud to be representing. We have a proven track record of distributing Hispanic content worldwide and we look forward to taking these shows to global audiences.”