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Imira Entertainment, Spain’s leading production and distribution company specialising in kids and youth programming, has inked a deal for worldwide distribution rights (excluding Austria and China) to the hugely successful Austrian Tom Turbo live action series (188 x 26’). It is also acquiring Tom Turbo, The Movie (1 x 82’), for global distribution (excluding Austria). Along with this deal, Imira Entertainment has taken Latin American rights to the action-packed animated film The Turboosters (1 x 70’), and Latin American and Italian rights to the charming environmentally-focussed series YooHoo & Friends (52 x 11’).

Sergi Reitg, CEO of Imira Entertainment says: “Imira Entertainment is home to a collection of unique, dynamic and above all entertaining content for kids and teens – and we are pleased to have the Tom Turbo series and film, YooHoo & Friends, and The Turboosters movie joining our slate this summer. We look forward to finding homes across the globe for these adventurous and exciting properties.”

Tom Turbo is based on series of books by Austrian author Thomas Brezina and the long-running series, which has been a huge audience success, aired originally on ORF and Nickelodeon Germany. The title character is a talking bike who boasts one hundred and eleven skills. Built by siblings Karo and Klaro, Tom is able to solve mysteries in every episode, and the trio work together to thwart their nemesis Fritz Fantom. Tom Turbo, The Movie goes back to the origin of Tom, and his very first foray into detective work. The series features an interactive element whereby children are able to play along by trying to break a code during the program.

Jamie, Sana and Wicky are three seventh grade students in Bloo’s Academy, a reputed convent school in Coonoor, India. The school was founded by Dr. Bloo Jones, who was a prestigious scientist who tragically died in a car crash along with his friend Victor. After Bloo’s funeral the academy was attacked and captured by villain Skeller, so The Turboosters plan to save it. They meet one night to plan their surprise attack and free the academy, and while they are planning it, Bloo’s spirit appears before them and reveals to them the secret behind his death.

YooHoo & Friends was created by Aurora World Corp. to educate children about protection and preservation of the environment, and encourages parents and their children to appreciate friendship, harmony, honesty and courage. The YooHoo & Friends characters are based on rare or endangered species who, along with their habitat where they grow “Trees of Life”, are at risk of extinction because of worsening environmental conditions. When a “Tree of Life” seed is accidentally blown away to Earth, the characters go on adventures to find the magical seed, avoiding danger and receiving help from new friends made along the journey. More than 34 million units of YooHoo & Friends toys have been repeatedly selling out since its launch in 2007, and YooHoo & Friends are also featured at 2013 Happy Meal Promotion in 40 European countries.