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Imira Entertainment will be distributing two Accio films – Cher Ami (1 x 82’), the moving story of French messenger pigeons during WW1, and Little Big Panda (1 x 85’), a dramatic look at the perils faced by a species on the cusp of extinction determined to survive. Cher Ami is a co-production between Euroview, DDF and TV3, while Acció! partnered with Benchmark on Little Big Panda. The rights Imira Entertainment hold for Cher Ami are worldwide excepting Spain, Middle East & North Africa, and it is distributing Little Big Panda throughout Iberia and Latin America.

Further acquired series include 10 + 2 which follows classroom sessions in the school of the country called Numberland led by Professor Aristotle and his assistant Infinity, teaching their students – numbers 1 through 9 – story based numeracy skills. The 52 x 13’ show is an original Acció! project and a huge success on Germany’s KiKa channel, also developed into a feature length film with the 10 + 2 characters, The Big Secret (1 x 83’).  Victory and TV3 have co-produced with Acció! on all of the 10 + 2 series.

In addition, 10 + 2 The Magical Trail (1 x 45’) and 10 + 2 Letters and Pirates (1 x 45’) have been created as specials to augment the popular show, along with 70 half seconds inserts, all of which Imira Entertainment will be distributing worldwide, in all territories excepting Spain, GAS (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden).

Sergi Reitg, CEO of Imira Entertainment says: “Acció! Studios is a talented Spanish company with an incredibly high caliber of learning-based animation, and we are thrilled to be representing its properties worldwide. Imira Entertainment is always looking to gain dynamic new third party programming to represent, and Acció! has exactly the kind of output that performs very well internationally.”

About Cher Ami:
October 1918. The quiet life on the Cher Ami’s farm and its naive and happy neighbours is suddenly threatened by the arrival of the Big War to the Argonne forest. Eager to play their part in the good fight, a group of formerly clumsy but bold pigeons will become messengers and attempt to save the lives of a battalion of American soldiers with extraordinary valour. A funny and witty adventure inspired by the true story, combining history with animated storytelling and specifically aimed at families.

About Little Big Panda:
Somewhere in the majestic Chinese highlands, the Pandas’ survival is severely endangered as bamboo is becoming scarce, and humans continuously expand into their habitat. And laziness being one of the Pandas’ most significant character traits, what the community now requires is someone to rouse them. Manchu, with the help of his friends, stands up to all the trials and guides the remaining Pandas to a new future. The group has nearly reached their destination when suddenly the humans unleash the floods of their newly-built dam, aimed at the Pandas’ valley! Triumphing over huge odds, this film shows that even in the toughest situations a hope for a brighter future can spur on even the most unexpected heros.

About 10+2:
10+2 is a world of fantasy; a small country called Numberland beyond time and place, where books are houses with doors and windows and fences are built of colouring pencils. The action takes place at a very unusual school where Professor Aristotle and his student helper, Infinity, live and give classes to ten quite unusual pupils, the figures one to nine and zero.

About 10 + 2 The Big Secret:
Peace and tranquility at the school in Numberland, with its Professor Aristotle, his helper, Infinity and some very special pupils is suddenly disrupted by arrival of two unexpected visitors: Milesima, Professor Aristotle’s rebellious niece, and Miss Zenobia, the professor’s intolerant and overbearing temporary substitute.