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General Information

Format: 26X11´ 3D HD Monoscopic

Target: 5-10

Co-producers: Baleuko, Draftoon, TVE


Blackie and Company follows the colourful antics of the resident livestock, who talk, sing, dance and play, unbeknownst to their human handlers. The protagonist, Blackie, is a sheep with ambition – unorthodox and adventurous, who in the film Blackie & Kanuto, which inspired the television series spin-off, resolves to get herself to space. In the series’ 26 episodes Blackie is joined by the lively livestock of Liberty Farm who are full of fun and quirks. Kanuto, the resident sheepdog, Marvi, the flightless duck, Theodora, the musical cow, Pepe, the hapless horse, Winston, Grumbo, and Karl, are all part of the weird and wonderful world of Liberty Farm.