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General Information

Format: 1×70′
Target: Family
Co-producers: Irusion


A pirate ship named Cai. A treasure hidden in a head-shaped stone in the depths of the ocean. Shark infested waters. A crab shaped island, only accessible by an impressive cliff overlooking the sparkling deep blue sea.

This is “Karramarro”, Crab Island, with its terrifying castle. Captain Dimitri and his magical parrot embark in a journey to find Macaos’ treasure, as their adventure will lead them to young pirate Loreley.The pirates have a kind heart, a strong voice and a sharp ear. They seek treasures, fight against slave traders and, most of all, they sing. And they dance. And they play music. All except Captain Dimitri. Dimitri has the worst of luck: he is the only pirate in “Karramarro” who doesn’t know how to sing. Dimitri finds a parrot, gifted with a wonderful voice and very special magical powers. He is the only remaining clue to track down the mysterious treasure of Macaos, a legendary pirate whom was killed by the slave traders. Following the magical parrot, Dimitri will flight salve traders, survive a dangerous storm, and find the treasure…. only to lose it again to the hands of a young pirate called LORELEY.

Dimitri will have to prove his courage and will fre Loreley from the trader’s claws, for a triumphant return to CRAB ISLAND.