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General Information

Format: 52X11′
Target: 2-6
Co-producers: Storytrain Distribution FZLLC 2011


All the magic of stories!
Imagine being a child at home, and helping select a story on screen, imagine a pop-up book coming to life, and every episode inviting you in to be part of the adventure with your friends…
All aboard… welcome to Driver Dan’s Story Train

Live action children excitedly gather in a story corner and open the big “Driver Dan’s Story Train” pop up book. In a magical transformation the illustrations come to life and Driver Dan drives the Story Train off the page in stunning CGI high definition animation.

Now in the animated world Driver Dan often speaks to and is answered by the children at home.  In each episode three characters/character groups will come on the Story Train….maybe Loopy the big bouncy dinosaur, Precious the inquisitive camel, or the Vrooms, those zippy little cars who can change into helicopters or diggers? Or it could be Sweetie, the young toy panda who loves growing things in her garden, Hip and Hop the funny bunny brother and sister, Tallulah the gentle elephant, Milly and Lily the dancing dressing-up flamingos, or the 5 baah-ing Counting Sheep.

Each character has their own carriage which Dan attaches to the train, and when today’s adventure is over it’s “all aboard!” for Story Corner.

Driver Dan’s Story Train helps kids discover the enjoyment of stories found in books through its compelling characters, and adventures bringing to life the literary work.

Led by Driver Dan as the grown-up, the engaging group of characters find out that there is a book for every occasion. Driver Dan drives the Story Train taking groups of friends on a ride to Story Corner. This is a vibrant place where the stories are chosen, shared and played out with viewers at home having the chance to participate through re-enacting their favourite parts.

A broad range of stories are chosen to reflect different cultures, emotions, visual styles, depth of narrative and varying degrees of interactivity.