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General Information

Format0: 1x82´
Target: Familiar
Coproductores: 2001, Dygra Films – Megatrix SAU


The Living Forest (El Bosque Animado) is an animated feature based on a novel by Wenceslao Fernández Flórez which garnered 2 Goya Awards ® and was the first ever 3D film to be made in Spain. The film brings to life a story woven around every element of flora and fauna in the Cecebre Forest, a location in the historical Spanish region of Galicia. Every day, lazy old Mr. D’Abondo and his faithful servant Rosendo go through Cecebre forest. Sometimes the wary servant can’t help saying out loud: “Lord help me if sometimes I don’t think that the whole forest is alive”. And the fact of the matter is that it is alive, because as soon as the humans disappear, Nature becomes transformed and shows all its splendour as the trees open their eyes, hidden until then among the moss and lichen that adorn their barks, and the whole forest springs to life.