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General Information

Format: 52X7´HD

Target: Preschool

Co-producers: Zumbastico Studio, Paka-Paka, Imira Entertainment


Every day, after returning from kindergarten, Horatio comes back home where he is greeted by his dog and his friends, the Plasticines, four plasticine characters who live in a colourful box on his desk. Horatio talks to his friends, who always listen to him, advise him and help him sort out his daily life through entertaining songs. His achievements and frustrations, his joys and sorrows, everything that a kid discovers in his preschool years is addressed in the episodes of the series. Horatio’s interactions with other kids, learning about honesty, sharing and respect, these are amongst the values that are thought throughout the series. Horatio’s best friend and neighbour Flo, also turns to the Plasticines for advice or for a fun song, which allow her to find answers to her questions.