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General Information

Format: 26X26´
Target: 8-14
Co-producers: Brave Film, Imira Entertainment


Lola & Virginia is a pre-teen to teen dynamic pop comedy that narrates the high school adventures of the eponymous two girls: Lola & Virginia. Lola is an advocate of justice and is ready to fight for anyone in need. She is honest and loyal, believes in true friendships, and has a tireless imagination, which blooms in her personal scrapbook. Virginia in return, needs to be the centre of attention and will do whatever it takes to be number one. She lacks scruples and is shameless about using people in her pursuit for personal gratification.
The two fifteen-year old antagonists are rivals in everything. They have completely opposite concepts of life which creates a never-ending competition between them. It will lead to a fun cat and mouse game where no one wins or loses.