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General Information

Format: 26 half-hours

Target: 7-13

Co-Producers: © 2008 Xilam Animation / Castelrosso / Rai Fiction


This story takes place 35 000 years ago, in a valley situated somewhere on the European continent. Two tribes are on the verge of war, fighting for domination of the valley, and their own survival. At this point, a solitary hunter enters their lives. This 16 year old adolescent, full of pride and youthful vigour, is in pursuit of a dream, his conviction that one day all «those-who-walk-upright» will live in peace. His name is RAHAN, which means «Son of the Brave». Rahan soon finds an unlikely ally in his quest: URSUS, a majestic bear transformed into an absurd and talkative little creature by the evil Shadow Queen. Together, Ursus and Rahan will confront the Shadow Queen, the ignorance of men and the tyranny of their leaders in a struggle to teach «those-who-walk-upright » how to live and prosper in harmony.