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General Information

Format: 39X3´
Target: Pre-school
Co-producers: Imira Entertainment, Stor Fisk, Televisió de Catalunya


Saari (39x3’) is a pre-school animated series about the adventures of a creative group of friends in a beautiful island called Saari.
Pulpo the octopus, Buu the lady owl, the sensitive Pii and Rikitiki the bohemian bird explore in each episode the fantastic and imaginary world of Saari, finding unexpected and funny ways to face the challenges of childhood.
Combining experimental learning and humour, the characters will learn, grow and find creative solutions using their imagination though trials and errors. Friendship and respect are the core values of the show as they learn to share, to help each other and express their feelings. Our tiny characters live in harmony with nature among giant berry trees, bushes like forest and other enormous and exuberant vegetation.
Music is central as there are no dialogues. Each character has its own melody just as in Peter and The Wolf, therefore using the universal language of music.