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General Information

Format: 1×70′
Target: Family
Co-producers: Irusoin, Dibulitoon, Barton Films and  EITB


Chung-I Fly (an Asian pigeon), Paulov (an Eastern European rat) and Ramón (a Caribbean cockroach) led by a flea-bitten black cat named Tano, form a group of outcasts that dream of getting out of the misery in which their nature has condemned them to live. But everything changes on a cold Christmas night, when Nora, a snobbish, arrogant cat accidentally falls from the moving van that is carrying her to her new house. Our group of outcasts will soon discover that a succulent reward is offered for returning Nora safe and sound to her home.

Tano suddenly sees the solution to all their misfortunes; Nora will return to her owners and they will collect the reward. And everyone will be happy. However, things will not be so easy, since Nora, with her habitual frivolity, has been dazzled by the exciting street life and does not want to even hear about going back to her owners. How can such a stubborn cat be taken to her home without her resisting?

Tano invents an extravagant mission: they must save the world before the end of New Year’s Eve. Nora, guided by her desire for adventure will embark with the others on this incredible journey, without knowing that it really means taking her home.