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General Information

Format: 26 half-hours

Target: 6-12

Co-Producers: © 2004 Xilam Animation / Tooncan XXII Inc.


Norton and Tupu are a match made in New York. He’s the well-behaved son of the Mayor of New York and lives on the edge of Central Park. She’s been raised by the wild animals who live IN Central Park. Tupu thinks Norton is amazing. He’s the first friend she’s ever had that wasn’t covered with feathers, fur, or scales. And Norton digs Tupu. She doesn’t understand things like escalators and perfume and telephones and other things we take for granted. But for now Tupu is giving him something more valuable – lessons in letting loose. With Tupu’s help, Norton can give «civilization» the big heave-ho and run wild. With her help, he can live the fantasies that, until now, have only existed in his head. Except Tupu’s not always that easy to follow…especially for someone who was never taught how to be a kid.