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Planet Play

Being the new guy in town is never fun, and if you are on the Orbitom23 planet, and your companion is a bot, a monitoring robot who is a mixture of a nanny and a smartphone at the same time, and if your name is Play and you come from a ¨normal¨ planet. And it can be even worse. Play is affected by a lack of gravity every time that he feels embarrassed. And that is only one of his reactions, as fear makes him phosphorescent. The good thing is that he quickly meets new friends, Lola, Jiao and Rush.

Mondo Yan

Mondo Yan tells the comic adventures of three brave teenage guardians who have been chosen to protect the mystical and peaceful far off land of Mondo Yan, perched on top of abandoned skyscrapers, remnants of a long lost civilization. Brave samurai Xia , free-spirited warrior April and the clumsy and loveable rodent called Pai, set out on their ventures with the magic powers given to them ready to save the world from the most terrible of threats.

Tube & Victor

Wacky, funny,  and off-the-wall animated comedy of two step- brothers – Tube & Victor – whose lives are thrown upside down when Tube’s father marries Victor’s mom, a vampire, and leaves sunny California behind and moves  to Halloween Valley, a nightmarish place that is home to all kinds of creepy creatures. Together on their action-packed crazy yet hilarious adventures, Tube discovers that Halloween Valley is a great place to be scared to death!!!