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General Information

Format: 1×70′
Target: Family
Co-producers: Irusoin and Dibulitoon Studio


Christopher Coolumbus is a fast paced animated comedy adventure which tells the story of a rivalry between two kingdoms. King Pinzon II of Meadowland sees its superiority threatened by the limitless ambitions of its rival empire Dungoland, and decides to organize a trip that would put an end to this ongoing competition: an expedition to the moon to sculpt the face of the King.
The team has been carefully selected: the leader is a deceitful discoverer called Christopher Coolumbus, who is afraid of flying, accompanied by his fellow pilot Crabaix, and old-maid husband hunter rougher than sandpaper. At first the expedition seems to be headed for failure, but does it matter really? Someone wants to use the contest to divert attention and put its own plans underway…