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General Information

Format: 104×2′

Gender: Comedy

Producer: Allegra Dammi Just for Kids/Imira


The DUMMYSAURS are a community of funky (and dummy!) dinosaurs. They are mainly vegetarian (except when it comes to beetlechips… simply irresistible!), and have just one goal: having lots of fun, possibly with a groovy soundtrack!

Each of them tries to reach their goal following their own instinct, which is also part of their aspect and it defines their role inside the community.

The DUMMYSAURS depict somehow real life society and give  hints to survive positively to daily routine: relationships, emotions, difficulties, growing up, curiosity, friendship. To them, anything can become entertaining and funny (that’s the cool part of being dummy!).

Among all, the main character, DINUS, he is the most sensitive Dummysaur in the community, although he’s not really the brightest! He knows one day he will be a super star but he doesn’t really know why or how.. YET!
Everyday life becomes absurd through his interpretation.

He brings an extremely positive message: “Never judge or let people judge you. Believe in your dreams and one day they will come true for sure”.